Welcome to the Open Source Township GIS Project !

This project explores the use of open source tools to enable resource-strapped rural townships and NGOs (non-government organizations) in northwestern lower Michigan to produce geographic information science (GIS) data products and web applications easily and inexpensively.

This website is a work in progress that lists the achievements to date by the participating townships and a local NGO.  The site will be continually updated to showcase the latest products from the participants.

The website also describes the tools the project participants used to embark on providing GIS and web map capabilities for their local units of government.  It lists and discusses some of the problems they encountered along the way.  You will also find how the participants worked around these problems, and about the resources they currently have at their disposal to guide them in using the various open source tools.

We believe that the methods and tools developed by the project participants can be adopted and modified by other similarly resource-strapped townships (and even counties) to bring geospatial information in a cost effective manner to their respective tax-paying constituents.