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Set State Plane as the default QGIS Projection

If you are standardizing on the Michigan State Plane Coordinate System as your map projection for all your QGIS projects, you can save time by setting QGIS to use that projection by default.  The factory-set default map projection in QGIS is WGS84 datum Geographic Coordinate System (EPSG:4326). 

The following steps show how to set your copy of QGIS to use the MI State Plane Coordinate System, Central Zone (FIPS 2112 or EPSG:2252) by default.  Once you do this, every time you hit the "New Project" button, you will start with a blank project in EPSG:2252 projection.

1.  Fire up QGIS.  In the "Settings" menu, click on the "Options item.

2.  In the "Options" menu dialogue that appears, click on the "CRS" tab (Coordinate Reference System).  I would check the "Enable 'on the fly' reprojection by default" box as well as "Use project CRS" box for creating new layers.

  [Click on the image at right to enlarge.]

3.  To the Right of the "Default Coordinate Reference Systems for New Projects" input box, push the "Select ..." button.  This will bring up the "Coordinate Reference System Selector" dialogue box.  From the Box, expand the "Projected Coordinate System" item (press the "plus" sign), then scroll down until you find "NAD 83 / Michigan Central (ft)" with Authority ID EPSG:2252.  Select that item.   Press "OK" at the bottom.

  [Click on the image at right to enlarge.]

4.  You should see something like this.  Now press "OK" at the bottom of this "Options" dialogue and you're done!

  [Click on the image at right to enlarge.]

Your copy of QGIS should now be set with Michigan State Plane Coordinate System, Central Zone (FIPS 2112/EPSG:2252) set as the default projection.

Next time you fire up QGIS, every time you press the "New Project" button (or press CTRL-N from the blank QGIS screen), the map projection of the new project will be set to EPSG:2252.