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Unlike many open source products, QGIS is blessed with a comprehensive, well-edited, and printable manual in the form of a PDF file downloadable from the QGIS website.  In addition to this official manual, there are numerous tutorials and "how-to" documents,  available as PDF files, web pages, or web-based videos, that are accessible through the Internet.  A ded
icated group of bloggers also contribute periodically to the growing body of "how-to" tutorials.

This diversity of information sources reflects and meets the needs of the growing base of QGIS users.  This section is a compilation of the various resources about QGIS. 


Learning QGIS 2.0 is probably the first QGIS book published by a commercial publisher.

Published in September 2013 by Packt Publishing, is by Anita Graser of the "Free and Open Source GIS Ramblings" blog fame (see blog list below).  She is a QGIS developer, as well as a prolific writer of QGIS related tutorials and blog articles.

She has also contributed to numerous GIS-related columns and websites.

The Geospatial Desktop

Another book containing a significant amount of coverage and tutorial materials on QGIS is The Geospatial Desktop: Open Source GIS & Mapping (2012, Locate Press) by Gary Sherman.  (Gary Sherman is the founder and original developer of the QGIS project.)  This book teaches desktop GIS using open source tools.  It is an update of a 2008 book entitled Desktop GIS: Mapping the Planet with Open Source Tools, now out of print.

In a video interview released in early October 2011,  Gary Sherman stated that he is also working on a separate book on QGIS.  At that time, he indicated that he hoped to complete the manuscript by the beginning of 2012.  However, that project has been put on hold as the fast pace of QGIS development would render any book instantly obsolete at this point.  The team will re-evaluate the situation once QGIS v2.0 is released, probably in 2013.

Web-based Tutorials and Resources

Tutorial/Resource URL
"How do I do that in QGIS?"
Lex Berman's QGIS Workshop (Harvard CGA)
ELOGeo GIS Tutorial Repository
OSGeo Listing of QGIS/GRASS Tutorials
QGIS Tutorial Labs (Univ of Calif at Davis)
Into to GIS Using Open Source Software (QGIS)
QGIS Tutorial from Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany), Dept of Forest Inventory & Remote Sensing
QGIS Basics for Journalists (excellent all-round tutorial)
ESSC (Philippines) Basic QGIS & Webmapping
QGIS Tutorials from GIS Tutorials (using QGIS)
"GIS Basics" course with Quantum GIS
QGIS Video Tutorials on YouTube
QGIS Video Tutorials from on Vimeo
Ujaval Ghandi's Quantum GIS Tutorials
QGIS Tutorial from Charles Schweik
Archaeological maps from QGIS and Inkscape
Geocoding Maps from Articles
QGIS Handy Hints
Converting a Spreadsheet with Coordinates
Joining spreadsheet of attribute data to a shapefile QGIS articles/tutorials
FOSS4G QGIS Python Plug-in Workshop
FOSS4G QGIS "What's New" Workshop
Teach Yourself Quantum GIS QGIS Tutorial

QGIS-related Blogs (contains many, many tutorials!)

Blog URL
Spatial Galaxy (Gary Sherman's blog)
Free and Open Source GIS Ramblings
QGIS Malaysia
Linfiniti Geo Blog
Nathan's QGIS and GIS Blog
QGIS on Gothos
Anjalytics' QGIS blog items

On-Line QGIS User Forums

QGIS Plugins and Third-party Tools

Plug-in/Tool URL
Quantum GIS Plugin Repository
Quantum GIS plugins developed by/for Faunalia
CAD Tools Plug-in
Transfer vector features from QGIS to Google Earth
fTools and manageR